Susie (#909) 07-05-15

While sipping my Buddy Brew coffee, Susie came out of the shop and sat in the shaded plaza. I must compliment whoever designed this place, the light is so nice. Well, Susie's hair caught my eye, so I walked over and told her so. “Yeah, lots of people say that.”

Susie is originally from Cleveland, but has lived in Tampa for several years. She lives in Tampa and commutes to Sarasota (~50 miles) every day. “So why not move here?” “I am more than ready, but my partner insists on living in Tampa.”

Susie had worked in a bank in Tampa, but was laid off. Now, in Sarasota, she has a government job. “I pay people's pensions, I'm one of the good guys.” This is more satisfying than working in the bank.

I showed her the image. “My eyes are kind of funky today – allergies.”