Ashleigh (#908) 07-03-15

Ashleigh also works in Buddy Brew Coffee, an extension of stranger #664, but a different day. She likes the job. Buddy Brew has three locations, two in Tampa, and employes about 45 in all. She is an Army brat and constantly moved around. After five years in Sarasota, she is almost ready to hit the road again.

The Sarasota location has been open for about a year. The adjacent restaurant, Louie's Modern used to run it, but it was not successful. Buddy Brew Leased the location and is doing OK. It provides coffee for the restaurant, and Louie's Modern provides sandwiches for Buddy Brew. Between them is a breezeway with wonderful light.

Ashleigh is also enrolled at the University of South Florida, studying English. It hurts her that young people cannot write in cursive, nor look you in the eye while speaking. Internet appliances have changed all that.

While we were speaking, a guy came in for his second cup of coffee. She said that there should not be a third, he would get too jittery. So I told Ashleigh a story that was told to me many years ago – it was about martinis. “Martinis are like a young maiden's breasts, one is not enough, but three are too many.” She liked that.

Then Carlos came in. He is Ashleigh's beau, and was instrumental in her moving from California to Sarasota. He was from Hawaii. Both of them hate humidity, so they are destined to leave.