Valerie and Kevin(s) (#910) 07-07-15

As I walked by Cafe Clasico, a young man and woman were eating in a small alcove surrounded by (dark) ivy. This area has wonderful light for blond hair, but there is not much reflected light to separate dark hair. Blonde Valerie caught my eye and I immediately introduced myself. They were game.

Kevin was wearing a Cafe Clasico shirt and was on break. I explained that I had photographed several of his coworkers. He is from Indiana and is just thrilled to be in Florida.

Valerie is from Minnesota. She graduated from college two years ago. Last year she taught history to middle school students. This year she hopes to teach in High school. I met them on June 17, and teacher positions had not yet been solidified for the upcoming year. I had not realized that there was so much uncertainty about teaching positions.

As we spoke, another Cafe Clasico waiter walked up – my lucky day! “Hi, I am taking pictures of people I have not met. What's your name?” “Kevin.” “Aw c'mon, two Kevins, both at Cafe Clasico?” “Yep! (laugh)” And Kevin #2 just laughed when he saw his image.

Valerie took my card.