Jay (#907) 07-01-15

I have met, and photographed, several baristas from the coffee shop, Pastry Art. Now I have moved part time to Buddy Brew Coffee, and will be meeting some of their employes. Such as Jay. He worked for Buddy Brew in Tampa and was sent to Sarasota when this branch opened. Jay is the manager.

Originally he is from Dublin, Ireland, although his brogue is minimal. While living in Ireland he visited Australia and met his future wife there. She is from Brooksville, FL. The compromised on a city to live. He, Dublin, Ireland, she, Brooksville FL, and they settled in Tampa. I think she won. They were married five years ago, and have two kids, 1 and 3. Jay is glad that she can afford to stay home and raise them. In about five months, he'll be transferred back to Tampa, his work here done. Note: the humidity in Florida is greater than in Ireland, if you didn't know.

I asked for coffee after lunch and the big pot was empty. Rather than brew a new pot, he brewed a single cup for me. Jay did not just pour the water in, he gently poured as he moved the carafe around the rim so that all areas received it the same. This attention to detail separates real baristas from coffee shop employees.