Timothy (#889) 06-10-15

While I continued to patrol the outside of Cumberland mall in Atlanta, Timothy approached me. He pointed and said, “Wow, do you know who you look like?” Recently I've had a couple of people say that I look like Will Farrell (good), and years ago people said that I looked like Oliver North (not quite so good.)

“No, who do I look like?”

“You look like a Bush. You should run for President, you look like a Bush.”

That surprised me. So we got into a discussion about the Bushs, and Republican politics in general. Timothy is a strong Republican, and quite well read on political matters.

“You know, Timothy, as an African American Republican, you are in a rather small group.”

“Yeah, most blacks are Democrats, but they don't think of consequences. Democrats want everyone to have jobs, and that's great. But take that business (points to the Cheesecake Factory), there are lots of jobs there. But what if the owner goes bankrupt? What if he goes out of business? All the jobs would be lost. Republicans want to protect the owner. They want businesses to succeed.”

A very interesting young man, and interesting encounter.

(Check my Flickr avatar, do I look like a Bush?)