Elena and Carla (#888) 06-09-15

Two sophisticated appearing ladies were leaving the mall, and heading right for me. Both were very outgoing and easy to talk to. Both Elena and Carla live in Cedar town, GA. Elena is a professional cartographer. How about that? My first stranger with that profession. She had a cast on one wrist (I forget which one). She said that she broke it in a skydiving accident. Wow, she doesn't look the type – to me. Carla broke in and explained the skydiving activities in their county. I asked if she would jump again, and she said that she might switch to bungee jumping. Yikes!

I sent her a couple of pics and asked if she really was a skydiver. She admitted that no, she was not, but that she broke it falling out of a tree. I sent this question:

“I didn't think that you looked like a skydiver. But you don't look like a tree climber either. Are you sure that you didn't trip in a department store?   ;-)”

I got this response:

“Bob . . . . actually I am learning to climb trees with ropes (along with my grandson, age 14). I am a tree lover and hugger, and I'm really excited about getting way up there with the birds. But I'm afraid my boring story about how I broke my wrist is that I missed the step coming down out of my little camp trailer :-(“

So the truth is out. At least she liked the images. Even the one that Carla photo bombed.

Carla is a professional photographer. She prefers portraits and group photos. Here's her site: