Pat (#890) 06-11-15

I peered in the window of a small jewelry and art store in Black Mountain, NC (near Asheville). The lady proprietor happened to look my way; to me, she had a kind, understanding face. So I asked her. Pat seemed slightly bemused by the whole thing, but cooperated.

Pat is from Wisconsin, and Connecticut, and Baltimore, and Santa Fe..., Pat is from everywhere. She moves when she gets spiritual messages, and she gets them a lot. I asked what kind of messages. All kinds. When she and her (then) husband lived in Connecticut, she started getting messages about relocating to Wisconsin. She'd hear the word on TV, see it repeatedly in newspapers, and meet people from Wisconsin. Pat asked him if he was getting messages. He was, but they did not reveal them to each other at first. Finally he admitted that he too, was getting messages about moving to Wisconsin. So off they went.

After they split up, she had spiritual thoughts about relocating to Western North Carolina. She wound up in Black Mountain with no money, but no debt either. Within six months, she had a job, a home, and a new life. She was properly guided. Pat is very open and understands perfectly why I like to meet strangers.

She is also an artist, doing sculpture and jewelry. And she wrote a book. Pat first had an idea of the book 24 years ago – writing can be slow, I guess. She had no copies in the store, but a local eclectic hardware store sold them. So the next day I took a look, expecting a thin book with a simple writing style. Wrong! The title is “The Education of Temple Fox”; is is full sized, written in a sophisticated style, and with a story line so convoluted that I hope I can follow it. (I photographed Pat during the first encounter).

She later said that it is self published and makes no money. But she plans to write two sequels - she had better pick up the pace. Pat will write them because she is bombarded with relevant spiritual messages, of course. Pat's e-mail address includes the word “Prana', the Sanskrit word for “life force”, or “vital principle”.

Pat has strong beliefs, and lives by them.