Laura and Dan (#906) 06-29-15

Well, now it's really hot- and muggy. So when I visit a coffee shop, I sit inside, at first at least. While sipping Joe with the camera on the table, Laura passed by, smiled, and said, “Hope you're getting some nice shots today.” My thought was, “Not as good as I will in a few minutes.

She passed the opposite way, went outside, and sat with Dan. Suddenly it wasn't so hot after all, as I followed. When I announced my intention, I was surprised that Laura didn't jump at it. Instead she was reserved, and glanced at Dan who said, “Sure, why not.” Whew!

Laura is a psychotherapist and was not to anxious to talk about her work. I get that.

Dan is from the New York / Newark area and moved to Florida in 1978. He is in finance and had plenty to say about the debt run up by college students. Many of his clients are physicians who just don't have the earning potential of those a generation ago. Yet they have (Much) more debt. He worked with a couple: both were dentists. They had a combined $700,000 debt. How can they possibly pay that off?