Magcine (#883) 06-04-15

While visiting Macon GA, I walked around the downtown area with a camera. Surprise, surprise! Magcine stepped out of the small woman's boutique where she works and took a break. As I approached, she made eye contact and smiled, all the encouragement that I needed.

First, the name, Magcine. It took me a good 90 seconds to get this right. It sounds like Maxine, she didn't say. I think that she was a bit frustrated by my inability to get it right, so I didn't press her on the derivation.

Magcine is originally from Jersey City, but spent a good part of her life in Hardeeville, SC. She moved to Macon four years ago, and is ambivalent about the move. I asked her where Hardeeville was. “When you cross the Savannah (Eugene Talmadge) Bridge into South Carolina, The 'Welcome to South Carolina' sign is in Hardeeville.

I liked the harmony between her hair color and the gold tooth.