Alice (#882) 06-03-15

I met two other photographers who wanted to follow me around, to see how I approach strangers. This puts on the pressure. So we arranged to meet at Buddy Brew Coffee, my new favorite light spot. I got there first. My favorite (small) black wall was available, and three young blonde ladies were nearby. I was so tempted to approach them, but I dutifully waited for Gen and Nora. Just as they arrived, another young woman sat on a couch right in front of 'my' spot. Drat! But I reasoned; If a woman stepped into Richard Avedon's studio and sat down, surely she expected to be photographed. So I approached Alice with that mentality. As I was finishing my spiel, she said, “You've asked the right person.” Nice!

Alice has lived most of her life in Ft. Lauderdale. She just finished her junior year at the University of Miami. Her major is Marine Biology, but during the past year, she decided that nursing was for her. Specifically maternity work. The U of M has a program in which a B.S. in nursing can obtained in one year if you already have a bachelor’s degree in something. Hence, the best course for Alice is to finish her degree in Marine Biology and then enter the nursing program.

Her real passion is midwifery. Alice is visiting a friend in Sarasota for the summer while she attends birthing classes (she greatly prefers Sarasota to the Florida east coast). My friend Gen spoke up, she has a friend who is a midwife and is looking for two students to mentor. Alice snapped to attention, sat up straight, and got out pen and paper. For the next couple of minutes they exchanged demographic data, and Alice vowed to contact the midwife.

Boy, I hope something good comes of that. This project creates spinoffs; when people get together, unexpected relationships can occur.