Louise and Jerry (#872) 05-25-15


Louise and Jerry are Brits. They lived in London and moved to Tampa seven years ago. Louise is retired, a retired housewife. I'm not sure what that means for Jerry. He works for a factory that manufactures “soda pop.” I was not aware that any major soda brands were produced in Tampa. Turns out they aren't. He makes soda for store brands, like Publix. I never knew that store brand soda was produced in separate factories from Coke, Pepsi, etc. Isn't 100 Strangers a great learning experience?

I have been impressed by the number of local residents with British accents.

Me: “How do so many Brits find Southwest Florida?”

Jerry: “It begins with Disney. People from overseas go to Disney and later tour the rest of Florida.”

Me: “But after a Disney vacation, who can afford to travel anymore?”

Jerry: “Well, you come back 20 years later when the kids are grown.”

Me: “Ahh...”

Louise: “Once here, you just cannot return to the constantly gloomy days of England.”

Makes sense to me.