Phil (#871) 05-24-15

While I was interacting with yesterday's stranger, David, Phil walked up to inspect the action. So I immediately recruited him. No Problem. For a while, Phil, David, Katy (the reporter) and I had a round robin conversation.

But he told me that he likes to say “No.” “It gets a reaction.” Phil drove a bus in Manhattan for 30 years, and has seen a lot. Like when a rider said, “I'd like to get off here', Phil would say “No” and watch his startled reaction. Then Phil would pull the bus over a block later and say, “Sir, I have found a safe place for you to step off. Have a nice day.” I guess that those are the games you play when you have a lot of time on your hands.

I asked Phil how he was able to maintain any kind of schedule, driving in New York traffic. “Simple, you drive like a maniac.”

Phil was very outgoing, and could not understand why anyone would have a tough time talking to strangers. He should have the camera.