Nicole (#873) 05-26-15

I saw Nicole at the Farmer's Market, in direct sunlight. I waited a bit as she ambled along and then chose my spot to meet her. There are so many interesting people at the Market, but the backgrounds are all busy and contrasty. There is no good place nearby. So I try to pick a location with acceptable light and be resigned to more post processing than I like.

Nicole was rather surprised when I approached her, but became a 100 Strangers fan over the next couple of minutes. She is from Utica, NY, and did her schooling there. Now she is a Child Protection Officer. She lives in Orlando and commutes to work in Kissimmee.

“Isn't that a rather long commute?”

“I just live with it, the job is worth it.

She often goes to a Farmer's Market in Winter Park, an immediate Orlando neighbor. Nicole likes the Sarasota one better and was glad that she visited for the weekend. She took my card and is interested in getting a copy of the photos.