David (#870) 05-23-15

OK, Katy (the Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter) and I walked along, her small Canon camera was on a tripod that was folded, effectively a monopod. As David came out of a door, he immediately sidestepped us and fell behind. Then he quickly passed us and said “I thought that was a crutch. If I had known it was that thing, I wouldn't have stepped aside for you.” I didn't quite know how to take that, but when in doubt, ask for a portrait. I said, “Do you know why she has that? I ask strangers for a photograph and she is making a video of me doing it. Can I meet you and take your photograph?” He looked at me sideways, kept walking, and said “OK.”

He stopped at an outdoor piano, sat, and began to play – and intermittently sing. His piano skills were considerable, the singing, not so much.

He has worked with a person at Fogartyville, a community media and art center. For the next several minutes, while playing, he had a stream of consciousness monolog that bordered on a rant. All topics music and local politics were covered. I was overwhelmed by material and couldn't write most of it down. Basically he was put off at the world for not being more recognized for his talents. I kept asking for a pause so that I could photograph. Daniel gave me nanosecond opportunities. For the first time, my Olympus autofocus let me down. He did play with feeling, and I think that the posted image reflects that.