Dan (#868) 05-21-15

The next four strangers will be a little different. A reporter, Katy, from the Sarasota Herald Tribune interviewed me, and then followed me around with video equipment. So when I introduced myself to a stranger and made 'the ask', Katy quickly explained that I was being followed for a website video. Katy met me a few weeks ago – I photographed her, of course (#607).

As Katy and I passed Smokin' Joe's Bar, Dan was having a cigar break al fresco. He had lived in Seattle. I noted that most people around here were from Ohio/Michigan, or New York/New Jersey. Seattle to Sarasota is not a common migration path. Many years ago Dan moved here to be close to his ailing dad. They were together for 20 years.

Dan loves Pastry Art, my favorite haunt. A few months ago he was in an auto accident and had one arm in a sling. So he learned to hold a bag with pastries and a cup of coffee in one hand – a useful skill.

He lit up his cigar and told me not to photograph him with it. His wife would be upset.

“Do you think that she cannot smell it on your breath?”

“I brush my teeth before she sees me.”


They have been married for 10 years. Two years ago they opened up a salon salon in the nearby Rosemary District. That is an up and coming neighborhood that had been neglected for decades.