Thomas and Lucy, (#867) 05-20-15

Thomas is Hungarian. He likes Sarasota, but thinks that there should be more cultural activities for young people. I told him that I used to live in Venice. He rolled his eyes and said, "You would be young there (67), I would REALLY be young." Thomas is well acquainted with Cafe Clasico, where we were; he met Lucy there. And he remembers when it was the Palm Cafe, and before that, Sarasota Bookstore. Thomas reminisced about the "Mom and Pop" bookstore, and private bookstores in general. Their future does not appear bright.

He is a realtor. I said, "Oh, do you sell these condos( waving my arm by new highrises under construction)." he said yes, but that most of them had already been sold, for up to $2,000,000 each where there is a bay view.

Lucy said that I had never heard of her birthplace, Cape Verde. I said that of course I had, a group of islands off Africa. She seemed surprised. I told her that she was the first female from Cape Verde that I had met that was not a hurricane. In Florida we are very cognizant of the "Cape Verde Season", where tropical depressions form off of Africa and sweep across the Atlantic, strengthening into hurricanes.

Lucy used to work at Cafe Clasico, but now she works at Brian's Seafood, north of town. She is my second stranger who works there. Lucy wanted to keep sunglasses on. She had partied hard the night before and was concerned about the appearance of her eyes. They look fine.