Kelsey and Alex (#866) 19-05-15

Kelsey and Alex walked my way and I was ready. But they suddenly turned into a spice store and I had to bide my time. A fellow tied his bulldog to a pole right next to me and disappeared into a restaurant. The beautiful dog was rather ambitious and I had to move – I almost lost interest. But when they walked out and I explained the project, they were more than happy to be a part.

Kelsey and Alex are from Tampa, visiting the area for a day. So far, they are impressed. Kelsey teaches English as a second language. She speaks some Russian, but is not allowed to speak it in class. If the primary language is used at all, students end up 'translating' everything, and never learn how to 'think' in English. Actually, I'm not sure that I can think in English. She likes this challenge, but doesn't look at this as her calling.

Alex works in finance. Not for a brokerage house, but at an electrical supply company. Among other things, he does collections.

“Oh, are you the 'enforcer' for delinquent accounts?”

Kelsey, “Yeah, that's why he has these guns (squeezes Alex's bicep).”

Alex, “No, I haven't had to resort to violence yet (rolls eyes).”

They both seemed to enjoy the encounter and took my card.