Jess and Tucker (#865) 05-18-15

Jess and Tucker had the audacity to sip cups of Java in front of MY coffee shop. So I did my thing, and they were happy to be photographed.

Jess (Jessica) graduated from local Booker High School, the one partially devoted to visual and performing arts. Since 2009 she has performed with the Modern Ethos dance troupe.

The group will be performing in Sarasota this July. The venue will be the tiny Urbanite theater, which will be modified to seat 35 (thirty five!) for the performances. Jess agrees that dancers not colliding will be a challenge. I immediately bought a ticket for the first performance.

Tucker owns her own landscaping business. I was intrigued by the intricate tattoo on her left arm. She got it in New Zealand for the equivalent of $300. It is art of the Mauri, the indigenous people of new Zealand. Each line represents an event in Tucker's life.