Mike (#864) 05-17-15

Mike was sitting with a young lady who shook her head “no.” Mike shook his head “yes” at that, I guess she was really having a bad day. But Mike was not, and was glad to participate. Both of them are musicians in a band called 'Pleasures.' She is a guitar player and vocalist, Mike plays drums. When I showed him my Photostream, he pointed to Greg (yesterday's stranger) and said that Greg was in the same band. Quite a coincidence as these were on different days.

Mike was born in Sarasota and graduated from Sarasota High School. After getting a degree in Music, he taught for two years at SHS and one year at Booker High. But teaching was not for Mike, so he quit to join this band. They are arranging their second tour, 5,000 miles in a month. Their first tour was over 8,000 miles. It was modestly successful, they came home with a little money after expenses. The financial uncertainty doesn't seem to bother him.

I told him about a book that I just read – it seems germane: The Crossroads of Should and Must.” Should is what other people and society suggest you do, vs must, what your heart says to do.