Kelsey (#850) 05-01-15

Time for a haircut. So I headed over to Great Clips which is sort of an assembly line place, like sheep shearing. Kelsey looked at my profile on the computer (can you believe that?) and said, “two and four, that's it?” Now here is how to cipher that. I get almost a buzz cut with the sides being two (Very short clipper setting) and four on the top (not quite so short). This has two advantages:

1. Never having to carry a comb, and

2. Every barber in the U.S. Knows what that means, and has the right equipment.

So I confirmed the request and she sat me down. Kelsey said, “Four and two, right?”

“NO! Two and four!” Then I saw her in the mirror, grinning. Fooled again, she had me.

Amazingly, the light in front of the shop wasn't bad. I didn't write down where she was born. Drat. But she told her husband that she was allergic to snow. So here they are. No kids, but a four legged offspring. She approved of the image and gave me her e-mail address. Well, actually their address. It is their last name followed by “2”. I said that she should be “1”. Kelsey agreed.