Harold and Charlotte (#849) 04-30-15

I saw Harold walking down the middle of a street in a Farmer's Market. He had a lady at each side, how nice. His sartorial style really caught my eye – checked shirt with open collar, sport jacket, handkerchief matching the shirt, and blue jeans. Here was a man making a fashion statement. Unfortunately I know nothing about fashion statements, but he had caught my eye a couple of days earlier, so GOD was making a statement; get to work!

He and the two ladies went up to a kiosk selling olive oil. It never ceases to amaze me how many olive oil stores survive. I like olive oil, but how much can one consume? Anyway, I waited (a while!) for the three of them to turn away when I made my move. I addressed Harold and quickly switched eye contact to the ladies. When I was about finished, Harold seemed amused and befuddled. I assured him that the outfit looked cool, but it was as if he didn't know that. One lady (Charlotte) rolled her eyes and stepped back several feet. The other immediately melted into the crowd, never to be seen again.

Harold was game. He is a haberdasher at Martin Freeman, a men's clothing store a few blacks away. He is originally from West Virginia and has been in this area for 20 years. Charlotte was fairly easily convinced too. She said that she hangs around with Harold because of his nice outfits – especially the purse. He was holding Charlotte's purse but I was circumspect, as I never know who might carry a purse. We all laughed, me guardedly.

Later, I saw Charlotte alone. Hopefully Harold had to go to work.