Amanda (#851) 05-02-15

I was heading back to the car, done for the afternoon. Or so I thought. I walked by Cafe Clasico and its west wall, vine covered. Several tiny alcoves hold a round table and two chairs. I nearly had a double take as I passed one alcove with Amanda seated, with a man standing in front speaking. The light was so nice on her hair that I waited several yards away. I think that by telepathy I willed the guy away. When she was along, I wasted no time trying to recruit her.

After a few moments of hesitancy, she was fine with being photographed. Immediately the lip gloss came out and she began preening. I assured her that I wanted her to look natural and did not make women look like porcelain dolls with Photoshop. She understood, and agreed. Sort of. Amanda indicated that a little shin improvement in Photoshop was OK with her. Sigh...

Then I tried to get her to remove the sunglasses. She realized that I wanted to see her eyes, but, β€œThe sunglasses are ME!” So we compromised with sunglasses being on her person, but not covering her eyes. Later I saw a couple of portraits on her website, and no sunglasses were in sight.

Now, the website. Amanda owns a company, Design Sarasota, that designs websites, works on SEO, social media exposure, etc. She works out of her house.

She loves the 100 Strangers concept and offered to make some recommendations for me, pro bono. As my website and blog get virtually no traffic, I am eager to get her opinions.