Lilly #848 04-29-15

A music venue was at one end of the Farmer's market. A large tent protected 30 - 40 chairs, half of which were occupied. As I looked in, Lilly was looking at me, and for a second, our eyes met. She immediately looked away, but I went in for the introduction and told her I liked the hat. That was true. At first she was very skeptical, wanting to know where the images went. I explained and showed her pics on my phone. Reluctantly she agreed, but I had to promise that the images would not go on Facebook. She asked if she had to give here name. I explained that I asked for a first name, but that if she lied, I would never know. I feel confident that Lilly is her real name.

Lilly asked if I knew a Judy Sargent, a local amateur photographer. I did not. Judy used to enter local photo contests, but became disillusioned. So many entrants were pros, it did not seem like a level playing field. She asked if I entered contests. Very seldom. She didn't like the first round of pics, without the smile. I took some more with the smiley face and she was happy.