Andrea (#847) 04-28-15

I spend so much time at the coffee shop, Pastry Art, that I have photographed many of the employees. But there is turnover, and a new crop is ready to be harvested. Andrea usually wears cool hats. On an unusually slow day, I explained the project and she gladly stepped outside for a few shots.

She is from Wisconsin and has been in Florida for six years. She does miss her family, but not the cold. And she admitted that if she went back, she and her family would get on each others nerves. So it goes.

Andrea does quite a bit of photography with her iPhone 4. She doesn't do much street photography, and later she thanked me for showing her how to approach a stranger. She lusts for a Canon 5D MKII. The barista life is not one for accumulating wealth, and just that day she bought a new Apple computer. She has a second job to someday realize her dream.

Andrea has interesting tattoos on her arm. She did not want them photographed, they are personal. She had them applied when she was very young, and a Buddhist. Her family HATES them. There is some remorse. She said that if it were up to her today, she would not have them applied. But she still likes two of them just for the arts sake, not their meaning.