Felicia and Katy (#846) 04-27-15

I must begin by digressing to my last post. I met Felicia in the atrium by the coffee shop, seen in the first comment. Notice that the coffee shop is in the upper right, and notice the jazzy zebra striping on the wall. Interesting spot. And finally, please notice Felicia sitting in front of these stripes, on the phone. I almost gave up on waiting for her, but finally she got off the phone – or the battery died.

Felicia is originally from Illinois and moved to Sarasota 20 years ago. She has been an insurance executive for 25 years, and the business polish shows, as she is very well spoken and poised. More importantly, when she heard 100 Strangers, she immediately 'got it', and was all for it. So nice.

Her time on the phone was not concerning insurance. She has some pro bono 'fun jobs' on the side, and Felicia was helping a non-profit group put on a running and paddle board event at nearby Nathan Benderson Park. She says that the venue is so good, that arranging the event was easy. Nice to put that outgoing personality and poise to good use.

As we spoke, her friend Katy walked up. After some salutations and hugging, she introduced us. Fortunately I asked Katy how to spell her name, my inclination would have been Katie. Katy moved here two years ago from New Jersey (Joisey). She was even more into 100 Strangers than Felicia. Both ladies took cards and promised to e-mail me so that I'll have their addresses and send the photos.

I like this spot and will use those stripes again.