Arton (#837) 04-17-15

I was walking the streets with Kyra, a photographer who wants to try her hand at Street Portraiture. Approaching a Starbucks, we saw Anton sitting on a wing wall in front of the door. The light is a little harsh at that location: still this has become one of my secondary spots. Kyra had met , and photographed, one stranger - a woman. She was not ready for Arton, so I made the ask.

I was immediately taken back by his thick accent. It took a little work to understand that he is from Kosovo, and he had a hard time understanding what I wanted. But he did agree (obviously) and was a pleasant chap. He works at a nearby Italian restaurant; he gestured down the street, but no Italian restaurant was in sight. Sure enough, the light was harsh and I had to work on the 'racoon' look in processing.

Kyra was just as pleased not to have made the original move. She said that she felt better approaching women. Interesting.