Rick (#838) 04-18-15

Continuing my walk with Kyra, I looked for possible subjects to approach – to let her see 'how it's done.' I always do better while showing another photographer the ropes. I don't know why.

Rick was standing in an alcove in front of the Blue Owl Tavern on Main. Previous experience has taught me that the light is almost always good, as are the characters. Rick did not disappoint. Lacking tattoos and metal piercings, he looked relatively conservative. As I began 'asking for a favor', I realized that he had tiny ear buds and black wires. He looked kinda cross as he removed them and I continued my spiel. After a few seconds he said, “Sure, of course.” A pleasant surprise. Twice he asked why I was doing this. I showed him my photostream on the phone, and explained that it was a way to meet people and make new friends. He said “Good for you, that's great.

Rick spent many years in professional photography, mostly commercial, in the Philadelphia area. I asked if he knew Cliff Mountner, a wedding photographer who contributes to the Kelby one site. He did not, and asked if he was in Sarasota. No. We realized that he was confusing that Cliff with Cliff Roles, a local professional photographer.

Having confused the 'Cliffs', Rick gave me the quote of the week. “If I sound confused, it's because I am f***ing inebriated.” I have to disagree, noting the oxymoron here. In my book, anyone who can articulate the five syllable word 'inebriated', isn't. Had he said “f***ing drunk”, I would have no qualms. In any event, he was well on his way.