Karen (#815) 03-20-15

During the Farmer's Market, all neighboring streets are crowded with pedestrians. Parker's used books is ½ block away, and a table was set up pn the sidewalk; Karen Ross was selling her first novel. She was excited. I explained the 100 Strangers concept and the W. B. Yeats quote: “There are no strangers here; only friends that you haven't yet met.” Karen loved it.

The book is entitled “Chianti Souls.”


Karen loves all things Italy, and this theme came naturally. I bought a copy for a cool $8. It is a romance novel, not my usual thing, but this just hit the spot. And I like Italy too, particularly Venice. People watching is fantastic. Karen had two quotes about Venice, both of which appear in the book.

“Where the past lives in the present.”

“Elegant decay.”

So true. Karen and her husband honeymooned in Italy. The men were so handsome that her husband said that he was afraid that she'd run off with one. Her response: “Me too!” This theme is woven through “Chianti Souls.”

She liked the concept and her pics. I've e-mailed them too her.