Damian (#814) 19-03-15

I made a stop at the Selby Library (Sarasota), and saw Damian peacefully sitting on a bench, outside. He was shy, but friendly, and had no reservations about being photographed.

Damian was born and raised in Sarasota. He attended Booker High, but graduated from rival Southeast High in Bradenton. When I told him that I spent most of my adult life in Venice, he said that he had just moved from there. He worked at the Boys and Girls club in Venice and loved it. Ironically, I had visited that club just a few weeks earlier. It is an enormous building, and the programs are very impressive. Unfortunately Damian became very ill, resulting in a two week hospitalization. He was not able to continue with that job.

Today was his first day working at the Longboat Key Club. I asked if he could get a job at the Sarasota Boys and Girls club. Damian said that he probably could, but it just wouldn't be the same. He had really bonded with the kids in Venice.

He really liked the picture and gave me his e-mail address. I will send it right now!