Suzanne (#813) 03-18-15

I have settled on the square format, contrasty black and white. To my own personal taste, it seems to be the best way to attempt to show the essence of a person's personality. That's just me. But I'd like to expand some of the stories just a bit and another image or two may be required. Recently I have switched to a zoom lens (Gasp!) to allow occasional wider views. Time will tell.

When visiting downtown Sarasota (like 5 times per week) I often park on the second floor of the Whole Foods parking garage. Before descending the stairs, I have the opportunity to scan folks eating in front of the store. I am facing east, so in the mornings the store shades the sidewalk, allowing decent light. In the afternoons the harsh light is hopeless.

Occasionally, someone catches my eye and I immediately go to work. That's how I saw Suzanne, although she is not in that shot. Her light hair and the dark background were compelling.

For six months each year, Suzanne and her husband live on a ski lake in the northeast corner of Indiana. For the other six months, they reside on Longboat Key, an exclusive and desirable location.

“Are you going back to Indiana soon?”

“Oh no, not until May 1 when we can put the boat in.”

“Are your neighbors jealous?”

“Oh yeah...”

She was originally wary and reticent. But as soon as the camera came up, twice, she assumed this look with the alluring head tilt.

Suzanne knew what she was doing.