Kristen (#790) 02-24-15

Kristen was sitting outside of the coffee shop. This winter has been merciful, seldom has outdoor seating been out of the question. Anyway, she was working on a laptop, and I do mean working. She was affable, and happy to be included in the project.

Kristen attended Lakewood Ranch High School, about 6 miles north. She was a basketball athlete and got a scholarship to a small college in High point, NC. She now works for Comcast, in the advertizing department – that's the work that she was doing on her laptop. I admitted that Comcast is not my favorite company. She doesn't like the service either, but they treat their employees well. Kristen said that Comcast has grown too quickly, and customer service has not kept up. Amen. But they are implementing a program attempting to have all calls answered by a real person – immediately. Refreshing.

Kristen informed me that she does not look good in pictures. Yawn. So I took a few of this smiley face. Then I said, "I'm going to move to the side a little", but she put her hand up, "That's all. That's all you get."

And that's all I got.