T and Kathleen (#789) 02-23-15

They were sitting in the usual place, in front of the coffee shop. I LOVE this place! The light is always nice. And so were they. The problem is that I can't read my own writing. I dutifully took (sketchy) notes, but I cannot for the life of me read one of the names. Tara? Tanya? For now, she is just T.

Kathleen, the mom, is a nurse at Memorial hospital. She kept looking at T and saying, “Isn't she beautiful?” Who am I to argue. T graduated from Sarasota High School in 2006. She loves this project. T looked at some images on my phone and wanted my card. I got her e-mail address and will send her images.

When I realized that I could not read T's name, I e-mailed her and asked – no response. I hope that she is not miffed about this.


P.S. Whoa, I just got lucky for a change. I started to type in the e-mail address so that I could send the images, and I was prompted with her address and “Tara.” Tara it is!