Leyana (#791) 02-25-15

While sitting outdoors sipping a cup of Joe, I saw two stylish young ladies across the street, outside of the Blue Owl Tavern and Bar. One wore a bandanna and movie-star style sunglasses, and the other had green hair. I thought that it might be dyed. The light is nice in the alcove in which they were sitting, so I left my half empty cup and headed across the street. I was simultaneously trying to avoid being run over and being sure that no overzealous busperson removed my coffee.

As I addressed them the movie star said, “Oh, you've photographed me before, and we're Facebook friends”. I hate it when that happens! When she removed her bandanna and sunglasses, I recognized her as Alaina, stranger #428 https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobdeinphoto/15343669680/in/set-72157627425474507

She realized that she looked different and was cool about it.

So I turned to Leyana. She moved to SW Florida two years ago, from New Jersey. It was just too expensive to live there. So She got a job at Trader Joe's in Sarasota, and worked with Alaina and Vince, stranger #445 https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobdeinphoto/15669207135/in/set-72157627425474507 But sarasota was too sleepy for Leyane, so she moved to St. Petersburg and works at Trader Joe's there, managing the flower section. She says that the flowers are cheap, and second to none. Leyana doesn't know how TJ's can get astromerica from Peru and roses from Columbia, fresh, and sell them so cheaply.

Since photographing Alaina, she has quit TJ's and started her own company, Fresh Farmer. https://www.facebook.com/freshfarmerart Leyane came for lunch, and to help Alaina plan product lines. She loved the 100 Strangers and gave me a 'high five.' This was my first stranger high five, a couple of days later I would get my second.