Jess (#788) 02-22-15

He insisted on being called Jess Who? I know his last name, but he prefers this moniker. Who am I to argue? Mr. Who? Was sitting behind a bush; it blocked the light, and normally I would expect unacceptable lighting. But a little sunlight crept through and I liked the backlight. Mea culpa – I did have to brighten the face a bit in processing, more than I usually like to do.

While I asked, he held up a finger as to say, "wait." Suddenly he turned and spit tobacco juice into the bush. He still had a wad in his cheek. We were in front of Patrick's Restaurant – Jess said that he was waiting to get a glass of water, but Patrick's didn't open for another hour. I'm sure that the Patrick's staff loves to serve glasses of water.

He liked the pic and gave me his e-mail address. Then he said that he'd like to see me ask other strangers, so he followed me for half a block. We met a friend (former stranger) with a German Shepard, and Jess posed with the dog. Then, suddenly, he was gone. I looked up and down the streets, but he vanished. It was a strange encounter. He kept me a bit off balance.