Alexandra and Amber (#787) 02-21-15

The Farmer's Market is packed with people in the winter, our “season.” Lots of interesting looking people, but the light and busy backgrounds are wanting. But when I spotted Alexandra's hat slightly above the crowd (she's fairly tall) I knew that it was worth a try.

I followed Alexandra and Amber across the street. If they read this, they might categorize me as a stalker. They stopped at a candle vendor and began examining candles in earnest. So what the heck, I interrupted them and 'popped the question'. I said that I'd wait until the finished candle shopping. They agreed, and I began looking for a nearby acceptable location.

They gladly moved a few yards into shade and I got the shots. Both were born, and went to high school, in Sarasota. I asked, “Sarasota High?”, and they responded almost in unison, “Oh God no!' They attended rival Riverview High. Alexandra went on to the University of Central Florida, in Orlando. Now she is an elementary school teacher.

Amber went to the University of South Florida, in Tampa, and is a recent graduate of the Police Academy. She is waiting for a job. I was unaware that one had to attend the academy with no guarantee of a job after graduation. Seems weird.