Omar and Bryan (#786) 02-20-15

Omar and Bryan were consuming life-saving pastries and joking. The easy body language and camaraderie made me wistful. Good friends aren't easy to come by, but these two seemed to have it. When I approached them, each was happy to help and spent most of the time kidding and laughing.


I asked them if they were from Sarasota, and each said yes?

"Did you go to Sarasota High School?"

Omar: "Yeah."

Bryan: "God no, I went to Riverview." (laugh)

Me: "Did you know each other as rivals in high school?"

Bryan: :No, we just know each other now as rivals." (laugh)


Omar went on to the State College of Florida and happened to take one course in Film Production. After graduation, he showed a Film Production course project to an official at a local cable TV station, Sarasota News Network (SNN). He was hired and received lots of on job training. Now he is a staff photojournalist at SNN. Neat!

Bryan is a musician and works in music production. He plays eight instruments. He listed them off, and I said (tongue in cheek) "What, no flute?" He responded, "Oh, I could play the flute too."

Each liked their photos, so I sent them by e-mail. Omar prefers the smiley face.