Nina (#785) 02-19-15

I was shelf surfing in a Mom and Pop bookstore when I spotted Nina. The store was relatively dark, and her fair complexion and blond hair jumped out. Photographing in the store was out of the question, and feeling somewhat lazy, I didn't make a move as she left the store with an older couple.

But as I was about to leave, she was standing near the sidewalk curb, so I immediately approached her and introduced the project. She seemed pleased and spoke with a delightful German accent. Nina spends half of her time in her native Berlin, and the other half in Manhattan. She is an art broker and sells art in each location. Nina is an artist, working in several mediums, including photography.

Then suddenly the older couple came up and she said that she had to leave with her in-laws. I was very disappointed. Nina was eager to tell her story, and I did not realize that we were under a time constraint.