Annie and J.R. (788) 02-12-15

I saw then eating lunch and Annie looked familiar. Fortunately they were happy to be photographed. Annie explained it – she is a dockhand at Marina Jack, at the foot of Main Street. I have seen her tying up boats. When I showed her the pic, she said, “Yep, I knew it. My eyes are asleep. (laugh).”

J.R. was also a laugher – they were having a good time. He lives on a Broward Yacht, at the “T” head of a dock. T heads are reserved for the largest yachts. No wonder they laugh. The first pic that I showed him had his eyes closed (laugh!). The both approved of the images, but neither wanted a copy.

We talked boats for a while and I finally told them what we own.

“Oh, nice!”

“Want to buy it?”