Terry (#787) 02-11-15

Terry is originally from Kentucky, but spent 10 years all over Florida in the construction industry. He is now disabled and uses a cane. He has back pain that shoots into his legs. The very next day Terry was to have surgery for permanent placement of a 'pain pacemaker.' I asked if he was scared. He was not, because he had a temporary unit for trial, and it worked.

For the trail, a catheter with electrodes was inserted into the spinal canal. He held a device that controlled the frequency of electrical pulses. Sure enough, he was able to find the right frequency, and got great relief. Now a permanent device will give him remote control of the frequency. Living better electronically.

As if that weren't enough, his left pupil is permanently dilated. Terry was “Jumped” by two hoods who stole his bike, and ruined his eye in the process.

I showed Terry his image on the LCD. He liked it!

“Wow, ain't that a handsome dude!”

“Would you like me to e-mail the image to you?”

“Naw, don't have e-mail. I'm a computer turd. Not a nerd, a turd.”