Austin (#789) 02-13-15

Austin is from Bellingham, WA, and is a left coastie by heart. But he came east to attend New College in Sarasota. As I learned from previous strangers, New College has an eclectic approach to education, in which standard grades are not given. Austin is a senior majoring in economics. Actually, there are a couple of adjectives to his brand of economics, but alas, I did not write them down. :-(

Austin has passed the first two rounds of hurdles on the way to a Fulbright Scholarship. Hopefully, next year he will be studying at Columbia University. If not, he plans to start his own company somewhere on the west coast.

He was intrigued by the 100 Strangers group. Austin asked if I was familiar with Jia Jiang's Rejection Therapy project. I am, and here it is; it is informative and entertaining.