John (#786) 10-02-15

On a Sunday, I was to meet someone by an indoor mall. With a little time to kill, I brought out the camera. No one was inside, I had to rely on indoor lighting – not my favorite. But I saw John slouched in an easy chair, and when approached, he was happy to comply.

John works at the Sarasota Opera Company, the same place as Howard blog post #782

When I mentioned Howard John could not place him. But when I mentioned the front office, I got an “Aha!” “Sometimes I forget that there is a business side to opera.” John performs, playing the piano. He lives in New York City nine months a year and Sarasota for three. Nice! In Manhattan he lives waaayy up on the 200 block “It's the only neighborhood that I can afford.” But he LOVES it.

John had seen an eye doctor in the mall (on Sunday, no less), and was waiting for his eyes to adjust to dilation. I looked closely – sure enough, his pupils were huge.