Krystina (#785) 02-09-15

When driving through a parking lot by a CVS Pharmacy, a young woman got in front of the car and flagged me down. I opened my window and she came along side. “Could you spare a few dollars so I could by some new shoes in CVS?” She easily held her foot up to my height, and almost put it in my window. Her shoe was threadbare, but I was impressed with the athletic, if inappropriate move. This was a first for me, a new take on panhandling. So I made my usual offer, inviting her into the 100 Strangers Project.


After (hopefully) buying sandals in CVS, she plans to travel to Orlando. Krystina has no job, but she does have a house there. I can hang out with my friends. “It's AWESOME!”

I showed her the pics on the LCD and she wanted copies. But she doesn't have e-mail, only Facebook. So I promised to send something in a message.

As we parted, she asked if I could spare some more, so she could buy the shoes right away. I said no, that she had done pretty well already. Then I got a huge smile:

“Yeah, that was f***ing AWESOME.”

Thank you, Krystina, for allowing me to photograph you for the 100 Strangers Flickr group. It was, well, never mind.