Nick (776) 01-31-15

As I waited in my car for a red light, Nick walked slowly by holding a cardboard sign, “Homeless and Hungry.” This is the same location that I photographed Blog Post #759, Stewie. I guess that it's considered good hunting grounds. So as with Stewie, I circled the block and parked illegally in the bank parking lot. Nick was a bit wary of me, but a couple of dollars changed his opinion pretty quickly.

Nick and his brother were taken from their mother, by law enforcement when he was two. They lived in a total of 19 foster homes over the next four years. When he was six, they were adopted by an abusive couple. “When she went to work, he went to work. On us.” Nick was expelled from school in 11th grade and was transferred to Falkenberg School, which I could not find with Google. Anyway, he got no degree and was barred from reentering public schools due to violent behavior. Nick was not able to pass the GED exams.

It's all family problems. This is my family now”, as he waved his arm by a small group of nearby homeless people.