Kathleen (#775) 01-30-15

I drank coffee while observing the passersby: sort of like a shooting gallery. Then along came Kathleen with this great hat. I like identifying women with stylish hats, not the floppy keep-the-sun-off hats, but hats meant to make a statement. The occupants know that they look neat and are usually ready to talk some. As was Kathleen.

As soon as I stopped her and explained my intention, she said, “Oh sure, I get asked to be photographed fairly often, everyone likes the hat.” Kathleen is from Washington D.C., and is staying in Sarasota until March 1. I remarked,”Oh nice, be a fair weather friend and leave during the cold!” She grinned.

The first few shots were disappointing, the background was too bright. I explained that and turned to get the brightest area to my back. “Yeah”, she said, “The shadows won't be as harsh.” “Oh, you ARE familiar with this process!”

Then Kathleen asked what the image was for. I explained Flickr and showed her my Photostream. She knew Flickr, and was VERY impressed with the project and her photo. But she didn't want a copy. Fewer than half do. :-(