Jacqui (#769) 01-24-15

While in Tampa, about an hour after photographing Tom (My previous post) Jacqui was sitting on the same wall. Only she was reading. I hated to interrupt her, but not so much that I didn't interrupt her. She was OK with being photographed, although a little reserved. At first.

Jacqui was born in Tampa, and went to a local High School. My guess was that she was a college student, so I asked. “No, I'm a lawyer.” Yikes! I told her that she looked too young to be a lawyer. She rolled her eyes up and said, “I've been a lawyer for a while.” Actually since 2009, when she graduated cum laude, from Law School at the University of Florida. For two years I lived within 100 yards of it.

When I explained 100 Strangers, Jacqui said that she had done photography in the past. Black and white film, to be exact. So when I showed her my Photostream in b&w, she was interested, and gave me her e-mail address to get copies of her images. She preferred the straight on look, but I am partial to the first image.