Tom (#768) 01-21-15

Tom was sitting on a low wing wall in Tampa. He seemed relaxed and unencumbered, so I figured that he had time for a portrait. It took a little convincing, but not too much.

With the Chicago hat, I assumed that he was from Chicago. No, “I just liked the colors.” Tom is from central New Jersey, clam digging country.

“Oh, near Barnegat Bay?”

“No, south of there.”

Tom is retired from the Army and moved to Tampa in 1997. I got several bursts of images. As I showed him each one, he groaned “Oh Gawd, I look like that?” I offered to take more to get an expression he liked. “No, the pictures are good, I just hate that I look like that.”

As I walked away he called out laughing, “Hey, don't you ever photograph pretty young girls?” Oh yeah...