Ron (#770) 01-25-15

I liked the hat, and I told him so. I went into my usual talk about meeting strangers, taking portraits and then said, “I haven't met you before. Can I meet you and take your picture. His response was “No.” Silence. Then, “Where do you want me to stand?” I said that I thought the answer was no. Ron said, “I said 'no', you haven't met me before. But you can take my picture (smile).” He had me.

Ron has been a self employed plumber for 35 years. “Self employed is the only way to be.” I said that the economy is picking up, his business should too. He said, “I don't want the recovery to come too fast, I like the vacation.” I said, “Ah, you must not have a wife and kids.” Ron said that he had an ex-wife and kids. That sounds even more expensive, but he was living the good life.

Ron liked the images, but did not want a copy.