Jericka (#767) 21-01-15

On a stranger hunt in Tampa, I saw Jericka across the street. When I approach a stranger, I like to cite a positive physical characteristic that is believable. Her hair was distinctive enough to qualify. She was wearing a shirt that said. “Taco Bus”, and she was standing in front of an eatery called..., “Taco Bus.”

So I walked over to introduce myself my first thought was that she looked younger than I thought. I almost panicked, but then figured if she was old enough to work there, she ought to be old enough to be included in the 100 Strangers group. I immediately complimented her on the hairstyle, and she shyly giggled. And approved being photographed.

Jericka is from Polk County, about 20 miles east. She has worked at Taco Bus for three months, but would really like to continue her education at nearby Hillsborough Community College. I told her that I went to the University of South Florida in Tampa. But that I had graduated a long time ago, in 1967. Her jaw dropped, and her eyes got huge as she said, “No WAY!” Apparently she didn't know that people this old existed.