Levi (#644) 09-13-14

As I walked down main St. a young man with two bandaged hands approached me and asked a favor. Levi asked if he could borrow my cell phone to call his boss. I did, but it rang for 30 seconds and Levi did not connect. He turned to me and said, “Now I can't get any work today. Could you spare a few dollars so that I can stay in the Salvation Army shelter tonight?” I'm not sure what work he could accomplish with two bandaged hands, but I helped him out.

When I asked his name he pulled out a card with his name, the middle name was Polson. He seemed amazed that I pronounced it correctly. Levi said that everyone pronounces it “Polston.” It didn't seem too tough to me.

He loved the image on the LCD. Levi said that it looked like a high school pic. He gave me an e-mail address and I later sent it along. I met him again a week later and he had yet to look at the message. I showed this posted pic on my phone, and again he (seemed) to love it.