Joel and the Ham (#643) 09-12-14

I waited for service at my favorite coffee shop in Sarasota, Pastry Art. The barista, Joel asked if my camera was digital. Oh yeah. We agreed that film was dead (this should ruffle a few feathers). I said that I had a cousin Joel who is a coffee connoisseur and part time barista in Asheville. This Joel was unimpressed. I suspect that he is more of a money than coffee connoisseur. Then Joel asked what I liked to photograph, and I explained 100 Strangers. He was reluctant until I told him that his coworker, Noah, had participated. He agreed as I changer the ISO to 640 – I should have gone higher.

As I tried to get a serious shot, his coworker, Stephanie, appeared out of nowhere and got into the shot. Clearly she was not camera shy. Finally I convinced her to give Joel some room, and I got the shot.

Of course Steph was more than happy to be photographed. She's a native, and a Sarasota High School graduate. Having worked at Pastry Art for a whopping three days, I would say that she fits right in.